Victory is nigh!  

Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Deion can go to the secondary school of his choice….yay! Suddenly all the phone calls, letters, care plans, arguing, demanding is all worth it.

The school is being adapted so that he will have suitable toileting facilities; it is all agreed, we are ecstatic. It probably seems silly to get so excited over something Deion should be entitled to anyway…but we all know being entitled to something does not guarantee it, doesn’t even make it likely….not here!

Of course not everyone is happy, I am being blamed for other projects in the borough getting shelved…all because I wouldn’t back down…you see I’m evil like that, fancy demanding a toilet for my son…oh no!!!

I am being blamed for a large part of the budget going on this toilet…but you know what, I don’t really care, its to like I’m only doing this for Deion, now many children with disabilities and/or incontinence issues will be able to attend this mainstream school, have more choice, more freedom and more dignity…

Education should have got it right the first time round, should have taken the right advice form the right people…then it wouldn’t have been a big fight or money from the precious budget.

All I know is we are happy because Deion is happy…now there is just transport issues….matrix funding and key workers to sort out… ding ding…round six!

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