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Saturday, 7 March 2009

This was so funny.

I got an e-mail of funny signs, so I turned the computer screen so everyone could see, and we were all laughing and commenting.

When we got to this one, we thought it was funny, ingenious, universal, no one could mistake what it was no matter what age you were, language you spoke or reading ability you had....

But then Deion said, "why is there a sign about a man being kicked in the peanuts?"

Oh dear!

I guess he's at that age where he loves the jokes and outtakes where boys and men get hit in the privates. He'll be beside himself laughing if he's watching TV, a sport or a film and some poor guy gets whacked in the ding ding (Deion's words, not mine).

Well, I still think it's pretty good, and maybe it's just Deion's mentality, but then again, maybe a few confused young boys have been sitting in the back of the car worrying about pulling in at the next rest stop!

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