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Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Deion is back home and in considerable better shape than me. He woke up after a pretty rough time feeling okay, and lets be honest, pretty high on drugs. I think that the hospital should give us parents some of those drugs while we are bedside waiting for good news...it certainly would have saved me about three heart attacks, a stroke and half a head of hair!!!

The operation did not go as smoothly as we all hoped, Deions tummy was in a funny place apparently, so they had to open him up and do the gastro externally. He was only supposed to be in theatre for an hour and a half, and I was climbing the walls after two, then the surgeon rang from theatre to say they needed to cut him open and it was still another five hours before I could get my hands on him.

They kept him pretty high on morphine for a couple of days, so he doesn't remember much about the first two days luckily, I'm more pleased about that than anything because it was pretty rough going, poor little guy.

Of course all that matters is that it was done in the safest way and the outcome is what we wanted.

He has an extra scar and a few extra stitches, but once they stop being sore, they will be a war wound for him to boast about I'm sure.

Once he started to feel better, he bounced back pretty quickly, The special milkshake is going in his special tube and he is tolerating it well. he is so glad to be home, we both are.

We should get the results of the muscle biopsy in a few days, and probably a good thing... I'm too exhausted to be stressed about the results right now. All that matters is, Deion is smiling again and it is wonderful to see his handsome face without the NG tube taped to it.

Deion is now well nourished, getting a proper little chubster and although we are having a few teething problems with the tube site, its still worth it. Life is slowly getting back on an even keel!

Thank you for all you lovely wishes and get well messages.

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