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Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Hello, remember me? I'm that person that used to blog every day, catch up with all your blogs and offer some sort of support (I hope).

For the first time in what seems like forever, I have accosted Dave's computer and have a few moments to catch up and let you know whats going on in our insane lives...

I'm working ridiculous night-time hours, which seems ideal for an insomniac...but I'm not sure when I am supposed to catch up.

Deion is finally getting his botox in his thigh muscles, this should ease the pain until his operation to put his knee caps back down in the right place... where the thigh muscles are tight, all the exercises he has to do are pulling the kneecaps up, rather than stretching the thigh muscle...ouch!

Deion has had some special tests to see how the swallowing is going, his swallow is now unsafe with bread/cakes, anything of that consistency as the tongue is not holding his food in his mouth, so it slips down and he aspirates...hence all the chest infections.

Also plain fluid goes down too fast with the same he has to have thickened drinks.

The doctors are talking about giving him a gastosteomy feeding tube so he can have enough fluid and calories safely...although this terrifies me because its all a bit "de-ja-vu" I am obviously happy to do whats best for Deion. Deion however is refusing, because the only person he knew with a gastro tube was Aaron and no matter how much we are trying to reassure him its different, he is scared. He also, very intelligently pointed out that we wouldn't tell him if he had an illness like Aaron's anyway...which is probably true, not sure how to reassure him really, and that kills me.

We get Deion's neurology results on the 10th wish us luck.

I am feeling a little under appreciated to be honest, this may seem selfish and shallow compared to Deions dilemmas... I wonder why everything I do goes unnoticed, yet I am supposed to celebrate everyone elses achievements with gusto... I don't really know how to keep up with all the housework, cooking, cleaning, appointments and work these stupid late night hours. Of course, everyone still expects dinner on the table, dry cleaning collected, food in the cupboards and ironed clothes!!!!

Maybe I can arrange for the fairies to come in and do it while everyone is asleep...well, everyone except me of course, because I shall either be sitting in a police station somewhere asking a twelve year old why he thinks its okay to be stealing cars at 2 am/thumping his mum/carrying knives/smoking cannabis...or else I'll be trying to catch up with the bloody ironing!!!

Enough about me!!!

Jordan and Robyn have just had a few weeks of intense studying and exams, I think they have come through it relatively unscathed, if somewhat tired....mind you, now they have less study...maybe they can help out more round the house....sorry....just a thought!

Deion had his first secondary school report....8 distinctions, 6 merits...way to go Deion...a total star, that's gonna cost us!!!

We were snowed in for Robyn's parent teacher meeting...but she was so keen for me to see her teacher and be impressed that we trudged about four miles through the snow, met with the teacher for about 5 minutes...because of course he has no worries and thinks Robyn's a star, then we trudged four miles home....tell me again why I couldn't have that conversation on the phone???

Jordan and I seem to be bickering a bit at the moment, I guess its because he is in that in-between stage, he thinks he knows it all and is a grown man at the ripe old age of 16... "I'll be able to drive next year you know mum"... (that'll keep me off the roads anyway!)... and I still think he's my little boy... I must learn how to let go. I just see so much scary stuff out there, its not that easy.

The house is slowly getting sorted, we are 'nearly there' on most things... bit of tiling, bit of painting, a few shelves to put up...we'll get there, I'm just glad to be in and that everyone has their own space.

Okay, I suppose I'd better go, I'm not sure when I shall get a minute to get back on the PC.

Thanks for your e-mails and comments checking I'm OK, I really appreciate it,

Love you all

Sal xxxxx

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