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Monday, 7 June 2010

I just wanted to say, that there are times when kids get a bad press, but on the whole, the way kids care, really warms my heart.

When Deion came out of hospital with his NG tube, he was really worried about how the other kids would react if he went back to school. Its not like you can hide it. And I have to say, we held our breath that first day back, after all, we are talking about kids who don't have much experience with special needs on the whole, so it would be new for them too.

Well, Deion was asked questions at first, which he answered, and no-one seemed all that bothered or treated him differently as far as he was concerned, but Deions key worker spoke to me at the end of the day and he was surprised at the sheer number of kids who came up to him and just wanted to know that a) Dee was okay and b) the tube didn't hurt him.

It goes to show that having kids with special needs in mainstream school, works, and works well, not just for the child, but it promotes a caring attitude in other kids too. The teachers I've spoken to have noticed a change in the pupils attitude since Deion started too. It makes me proud now that we fought so hard to get him there.

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Whose child is this!  

Friday, 4 June 2010

Now, I think I may have mentioned how bright Jordan is, he picks things up easily and retains them. Of course this is why he just passed a ton of exams with top grades, and why he takes an extra advanced maths class (just for fun!)

I do sometimes wonder where he gets it from, but I am just glad he has the ability.

But even I was surprised when he announced that he wanted to learn Japanese...okay, so I got him the books and CD's he asked for, but on flicking through and realising there are about 10 different alphabets and about 2000 characters, I was less than optimistic...

Well, just a few weeks later, Jordan has memorised most of the alphabet, knows dozens of phrases, has learnt what alphabet is applied where and can read quite a few phrases as well.

I am very impressed, of course Jordan thought maybe a trip to Japan to try it out was in order...nice try J, a trip to the nearest Sushi bar will have to do!

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Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Gosh, I'm glad to have found another minute so soon. I have just got in from work and thought I'd click on quickly.

A weird night at work tonight.... I got called to a police station for a kid accused of arson, accused of burning down a house (a vacant one luckily). Now, just because he was caught running away nearby and is known to police doesn't mean he's guilty right, so I went with an open mind.

Of course, the kid denied everything in interview, and I really tried to stay impartial, but the truth is his hair was all but smoking....seriously, the kid stunk of burning rubber and god knows what, my advice, if you're sitting in an interview with soot stained fingers, reeking of burning building, and have your eyebrows singed off....then maybe it's not the best idea to tell the interviewing officer that you have not been near a fire, set a fire or know anything about a fire!!!!

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