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Wednesday, 25 March 2009

This is what My hallway looks like now...what a nightmare. Deion is incontinent and wears pads, special ones with a sort of outer pant and a pad insert so he can try on the toilet.

Every couple of weeks, we get a delivery...this is brilliant and convenient and I am very grateful for it. But, he just doesn't seem to go through as many pads as they send. The pants however, get ruined easily as they are so thin.

Thinking I was being helpful, I rang the delivery service and said not to send pads as I had loads, but could I please have two lots of pants...I was told this was fine...the delivery came, no pants, 2 lots of pads.

I rang them again and told them, said can they just send two lots of her to repeat it back, she had it a delivery...two lots of pads...NO PANTS!!!

Phoned again, asked them if they could pick up some pads,
"But store them, you will need them eventually,"she said.
"Yes, but cupboard under stairs packed to hilt, now have had to pile some more in hallway, no space for Deion's wheelchair," I said.
"Okay will pick up ten packets."
"Thank you." very relieved.

Today, knock on the front door, man delivering ten packets of pads "NO!" I yelled...
Frightened man. He looked horrified!
"You're picking up," I almost cried.
"Can't pick up, I just deliver."

Now, Deion has a years supply of pads, the cupboard is packed, have packets stashed under beds and behind sofa...these are the ones I can't find homes for!!! maybe I could try to convince visitors it's some sort of work of modern art....

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