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Friday, 13 March 2009

Finally, Deion has revealed his well protected 'secret superhero identity'….Yellow Lightning!

Never heard of him you may say…no…me neither, because he is merely a figment of Deion’s rather over active imagination.

Today is Red Nose Day, and the kids schools always do something to raise money for Comic Relief…it always involves dressing up, which means I always end up with pretty horrifically scarred fingertips, as I am far from the handiest person with a needle and thread.

So Jordan and Robyn were easy, they are older and in secondary school, so they just had to pay some money and wear their own clothes (preferably red) and wear a red nose!

But Deion’s school decided on a superhero theme, and get this….they encouraged the children to use their imagination and come up with a superhero of their own…about ten mums groaned…I was one of them…I am all for a good cause and I love dress up…but prefer the type you can buy off the shelf and something that doesn’t involve me bleeding profusely from the fingertips.

So Deion wanted to be ‘Yellow Lightning’, a superhero who has the power to shoot lightning bolts from his fingers, he’s faster than a bolt of lightning and can channel electricity and use it for good…

I’ve posted some pictures of Deion all ready for school, he was so excited, he could
barely sleep last night, he refused to wear a coat because it would ruin the look of his costume. He certainly drew a few glances as we went out to the bus…it was the lightning bolts on the customised wheelchair (oops ,sorry, lightningmobile) that did it.

One poor lady walked into the lamppost outside as Deion shot down the ramp at high speed (not his fault, it was his lightningmobile…it can’t go slow!!!)

So he’s off protecting civilians at school, while I bandage my fingers….

Totally adorable!

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