Wife carrying world champion!  

Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Because I posted a blog about the rock paper scissors league, a friend of mine declared that she had found an even weirder idea of a sport...

“Okay,” I said, “I know, I've seen loads now, cheese rolling, boot throwing, the flaming soccer one, the tomato festival, bull running, there are some weird ones…”

“Nope,” she laughed, “how about wife carrying?”


“Oh, yeah!”

And she proceeded to show me a web-site where indeed they talk about the great sport of 'wife carrying world championships'…I kid you not!

I asked Dave if he wanted to give it a go, but he made up some lame excuse about a troublesome trapped nerve...the side bends and 'oohing' noises were overkill if you ask me...

Great Technique here...it doesn't have to be your own wife, but I'm guessing this lady is intimate with this man!!! if she wasn't before, she is now!

Wife Carrying World Championship

The Finns have the great honour of holding the annual Wife Carrying World Championships. What you do is simply grab a hold of your significant other, and carry her (or him) to the finish line faster than the other competitors. Cool! The games are hosted in the small town of Sonkajärvi in upper Savo, in the eastern part of Finland. The rules say nothing at all about the weight of the wife, only that she can be yours as well as somebody else's. The Wife Carrying World Championships website explains the rules further and has an official entry form. The site also says that this year's World Champions were a couple from Estonia and that the Estonians actually swept the board, leaving no medals at all for the poor Finns. Oh dear.

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