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Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Thank you so much Becca for giving me this award, I am touched.

The rules...I have to list 7 things I love and then give the award to seven bloggers I love....so, seven thing I love....husband and kids of course, goes without saying....

I also love...

1) Driving on an open road
2) Rich chocolate cake
3) Swimming in a clear warm sea
4) Lillies
5) Long country walks in the spring
6) Walking on the sand
7) Dancing

Blogs I love and nominate are...

1) Trojans Corner http://trojansgallery.blogspot.com/
2) Just-a-mom at Jams own reality http://jamblogging.blogspot.com/
3) Missy at Is it just me http://is-it-just-me-missy.blogspot.com/
4) Isaiah’s mom at Inside Isaiah http://insideisaiah.blogspot.com/
5) Melinda at blogging it from the burgs http://thebrookshirefam.blogspot.com/
6) Crazy Texas mommy at http://crazytxmommy.blogspot.com/
7) Pam at Smelling the roses and dodging the thorns http://stradtt.blogspot.com/

I could easily nominate another 7...but I'm sticking to the rules (for a change)...

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