And The Award Goes To.....  

Friday, 13 March 2009

I was honoured with my first ever award yesterday from one of my favourite bloggers, thank you missy;

So if I have this right…I now award it to my favourite 8 blogs. This is hard as I love so many, but I have chosen these eight for this award…

Trojan of Trojans corner, not just because he is a friend and an amazing person, but he always has a great variety in his blogs, there will always be something to make me laugh or a beautiful picture to see.

Becca at because she talks from the heart and her pictures always make me smile. Her joy and love of life shines through in her words.

The me/the wife/the mum at because of her incredible sense of humour and view on life, and the way she always has something loving and supportive to say.

Riley Scott at because I always enjoy his blog and his comments always make me laugh

Dena at because I love her sense of humour, her loving personality and her strength shines through in her blog and her comments.

Just a mum at because I look forward to reading every post, love her sense of humour, her way with words and her attitude.

Americas nest top mummy at because her blogs are full of life and fun and I find her words inspirational in many ways.

And last but not least cozyflier at because of her attitude, her way with words and her friendly, giving nature.

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