Happy Mothers Day  

Sunday, 22 March 2009

As today is mothers’ day in the UK, I am naturally going to dedicate today’s post to my mum.

What to say about Mum… my mum is one of the most amazing people I know, selfless, honest, generous, helpful, never overbearing, never pushy, just right. I never realised when I was growing up, all the things she went without to make sure we had everything we needed. Only looking back did I realise I was too busy doing the spoilt teenager thing and asking for the latest ‘can’t live without’ fashion item, to realise that mum wore the same boots year after year, or never treated herself …

My mum and dad always worked hard, always made sure we were comfortable and taught us about morals, honesty and decency….my mum showed me how to be a mum, how to love nurture and support.

And you know, my mum has no clue how special she is. When someone tells her she is great, she looks genuinely surprised and says she is just doing what mums do, she says she is just an ordinary mum, and she is so very much more than that. When people wonder where my strength comes from, you need look no further than my mum. I am from a long line of strong/determined…okay, yes… stubborn…women. Even mum in the past has wondered where Aaron got his determined streak from, or I get my fight from…I just look at her like she’s mad and ask her if she knows herself at all!!!

I can’t imagine how I would have gotten through losing Aaron without my mum, she came, she supported, let me do and say whatever I needed to, got me dressed on the day of the funeral, held me up when the carriage came....

So I may not have appreciated her so much when I was growing up, may not have realised how hard she fought for us, worked for us, but I’d walk through fire for her now, just like she would for me.

When I first started blogging, I wrote about my mum, you can read that post here….


I love you mum xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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