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Friday, 24 October 2008

Okay, nothing heavy or of very much 'special needs' consequence today. Today I just wanted to talk about childhood hero's. Mine was Wonderwoman, I wanted to be her so badly, she was my all time heroine. I did grow out of it....about last September I think, but her lessons will stay with me forever.

Me and my brothers used to drive my mum mad, "Batman could easily take Wonderwoman in a fight," my brother would yell at me. "No way, he hasn't even got special powers," I'd scream back. Then my other brother would chip in with, "what about superman, he could take 'em both." We'd glare at him. "Who asked you anyway," we'd snap, not really being able to deny he had a point. My mum would have to jump in a break up the fight...but it was usually time for me to go and pick up the kids from school by then anyway!!!

But I have a very real hero of my own and, today I just want to acknowledge her. I never told her that when I was growing up, I was too busy rebelling and putting my own stamp on the world to stop and appreciate her. While I was raving about Wonderwoman leaping tall buildings in a single bound, I never realised that my mum was doing the equivalent of that every single day for me. okay, so she never had the cool costume, not practical for grocery shopping I suppose, but that didn't matter.

Until I became a mum I had no clue what being a mum meant. All those years, I never acknowledged my mum and all she does, how fiercely protective she's always been. Now I get it, I really get it. When we become mum's, we all become Wonderwomen in our own little way. We become someone elses hero and we have to step up to the plate. Oh we may not have the glossy hair, the six foot legs, the ten inch waist or bracelets that deflect bullets. But we will hunt down anyone who tries to hurt or deprive those we love, and we make sure justice is done. That's sort of the same.

My mum's certainly taught me how I want my kids to think of me and look up to me, and I hope one day my daughter feels that way about me, then I'll know I have got it right. So this blog is to acknowledge all the mums like me, my sisters, my mum, my friends who go the extra mile for their kids. As someone very important to me said the other day, we're so busy doing what needs to be done, we don't stop to look at all we do and all we achieve.

So I'm acknowledging it now, and letting you know you're not alone, there are plenty of us if you need to reach out.

Sal xxx

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