Thursday, 23 October 2008

As many of you know, Trojan and I started Salsa lessons a few weeks ago. It's a lot of fun and great for fitness judging by my aching legs. I'm proud to say that we moved up to the improver's from beginners last night, and we kept up...mostly. The bandages should come off Trojans feet this week and the broken toe should heal within the month, he may even dance again. No, I'm kidding, I barely trod on any ones toes...not hard anyway.

Salsa is something I've wanted to learn for a really long time, I've just never had the nerve to go by myself, and of course going with Dave would be hard because it raises the issue of finding child care. So when Trojan casually mentioned that he too wouldn't mind learning, I jumped at the chance and had it arranged before he could back out.

It's a lot of fun, the club is fairly small, the instructors break it all down and make it easy for the ryhtmically challenged like myself and everyone is very friendly and patient.

I've really got a lot out of it, for one thing, it is something that's just for me, and its something for me that's actually out of the house. And after just four weeks, the kids have stopped saying, "but where are you going mummy, why can't we come, daddy's not cooking the dinner is he?" and accept that I'm having 2 hours away from them for me.

I've found myself singing the songs as I drive along, and playing the music during the day as I dance around the living room while I do my housework. I have forgotten myself a couple of times and caught the neighbours looking curiously in the window at me. Note to not practice provocative salsa moves while washing the net curtains... And I frightened the life out of the postman today as I flung open the front door and salsa'd down the path to take the rubbish out, well, how was I to know he was on his way up the path. I'm sure he thought I expected him to throw in a couple of reverse turns as we passed.

So I guess I'm learning that hobbies and time for myself are a good thing, I'm learning that I have no need to feel guilty if I'm not doing something for the kids every waking minute. And I'm in a great mood today,the postman may be scarred for life, but I'm happy. And the happier I am, the more I have to give to Dave and the kids, its a win, win.

Take care

Sal x

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