Abusing The Postman  

Friday, 31 October 2008

I just thought I’d let you know that I’ve been abusing the postman again. Those of you who read my salsa story know that I already horrified the poor man when he accidentally caught me practicing my routine.

Well after today, I’d be surprised if we get any mail at all, he’s going to be demanding danger money to come anywhere near my front door I should think.

But I promise, it was an accident. The cat has been driving me mad you see, she’s pregnant, and is forever meowing at the door to go out. When she wants to come back in, she nudges scrapes at the door so I hear it. So I let her out for the twentieth time today and turned to go back to the kitchen.

How was I to know that it was the postman making scraping noises at the door and not the cat? So I can’t really be held responsible for the fact that I yelled “OH P***S OFF, YOU’RE GETTING ON MY BLOODY NERVES,” at the postman instead of the cat.

Of course, as soon as the letters plopped onto the doormat, I realised my mistake and opened the door to apologise, but all I got was a back view of him as he walked off up the road at speed. He was really going some as well considering the heavy mail bag. I yelled “sorry, I thought you were the cat,” after him, but I don’t think he heard. And this just made the man across the road stare at me quizzically.

I’ll expect the men in white coats to turn up at the door at some point today then. Am I the only one that things like this happen to???

Maybe a cat flap is a good idea after all!!!

Big sigh…Sal x

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