Tuesday, 28 October 2008

I guess its time to properly introduce you to another member of the family. I know you’ve met Me, Aaron and Deion, so this is Robyn. She’s my fourteen year old daughter. Although she thinks she’s more like twenty four and recently tried to leave the house wearing lipstick…this gave Dave a taste of what’s to come and now he’s a nervous wreck. I think he wants to ground her until she’s thirty…I pity any poor boy Robyn tries to bring home.

Robyn is a sweet, kind thoughtful little girl, I expect that will all change later on in the teenage years and we’ll be clashing, screaming at each other and arguing about the length of her skirts and her unsuitable friends/boyfriends. But not yet. Now she’s still my sweet little girl.

A few months ago, Deion had a reading test at school, he improved 2 years worth of reading in just a year, the school gave him an award in assembly, he was so proud, he was bursting to tell me when he came in, we spoke about it all evening …But after Deion went to bed, Robyn told me she had been put in for her art GCSE two years early. I hugged her well done and asked her why on earth she hadn’t said anything before… “I didn’t want to steal Deion’s thunder,” she said. Her thoughtfulness actually made me prouder than the achievement in art, bless her heart.

Robyn is like a little mummy to all the babies in the family, and she was always like that with Aaron. I used to have to tell her to go out and play, remind her that I was the mummy. And quite frankly, no eleven year old should know how to suction, tube feed through a gastreostemy and adjust oxygen cylinders…but she wouldn’t be stopped. And Aaron adored her.

Robyn is doing extremely well at school, she has quite severe dyslexia, but she puts in 120% to make sure it’s not a problem, she is strong willed, determined and a high achiever (notice a pattern here with my children). Her parents’ evenings are an absolute pleasure and I try…honestly I really try!! not to look smug while the parents on the table next to us are being told negative things about their kids, and Robyn’s teachers are telling me she’s an angel, thoughtful, kind, hard working, diligent…the list goes on…it's almost impossible not to be a little smug.

Robyn wants to be a lawyer and possibly a judge when she grows up, and I have no doubt in my mind she will achieve whatever she sets her mind to.

I’m not saying she doesn’t have her moments, at times her and Jordan argue over the most ridiculous things, and if someone broke in and ransacked her room, she’d never know, I show her where the washing basket is every day, but her room still ends up resembling a jumble sale. But those things don’t matter, all the things that matter, she has in abundance. Lets hope it stays that way for as long as possible!!

Take care

Sally and Robyn xxxx

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