Thursday, 30 October 2008

Today, I’d like you to meet Jordan. Jordan is fifteen years old, in his last year at secondary school. He’s just sat all his GCSE’s a year early, got all A’s, 2 B’s and is now moved onto the first part of his A levels. From a very early age, Jordan would join after school clubs and extra curricular statistics classes e.t.c. because “it’ll look good on my academic record mum.” To which I would reply “whose child are you?”

Jordan is as bright as a button, not that he always uses his powers for good as it were, he’s a bit too much of a whiz on the computer, and this has landed him in hot water a couple of times. And sometimes I worry that it comes a little too easily for him. Robyn puts in 120% to get her results; Jordan puts in about 80%. If he pushed himself he’d be off the charts. But I guess he is a 15 year old boy and there are more important things to think about, like playstation, music, girls, trainers and having the right logo on his tracksuit.

When Jordan was little, you couldn’t turn your back on him for a second, he’d be on the table/kitchen side/top of the wardrobe! (I wish that was an exaggeration, but its not). He has never had a sense of fear and I used to age about ten years every time we went to the park/playground/anywhere with trees. Actually, he gets his tree climbing ability form me, I’m an excellent tree climber, and pleased to say I have not lost this skill, good job too, as the cat knows how to get up them, but not back down!

Jordan’s going to be an architect, I think it’ll suit him; he knows what he wants at least. He did his work experience in an architect’s office, and loved it.

I’m dreading the next few years in so many ways, because it means the kids are going to need me less and start thinking about moving out. But I guess we can’t hang on to them forever, we just have to hope that we’ve equipped them with the right knowledge and skills to do so safely and productively. And as I watch Jordan practice his weird dance moves even as we speak, I think we’ve sadly failed!!!

Oh well!

Sal x

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