Tuesday, 14 October 2008

Hi guys, back again...So a few people went onto the Heavens Special Child web site and asked me about Deion. It may not have been clear in the video, but be fair, we had a lot of info to get over in a short amount of time(and all the umm's and ermm's took up most of that!!). Deion is my youngest son and yes, he is also a wheelchair user, many people asked me if Deion has the same condition as Aaron, but he doesn't, it is completely unrelated.(What are the chances...I know).

Deion was born at 28 weeks and has cerebral palsy as a result. But don't go feeling sorry for him, he may be in a wheelchair, but he has a cheeky streak equal to none. And he has absolutely no qualms about using his disability to his full advantage. When his brother or sister get told to tidy their room or take their plate out, he is often heard muttering "sucker" under his breath.

We go bowling a lot as a family, and god forbid Deion beats you, as he will bellow, "you got beaten by someone in a wheelchair" at the top of his lungs...and believe me thats loud. And if you didn't feel bad enough getting your butt wooped by a ten year old!!!!

I guess it's not bad though, considering that when he was five days old, he had a brain hemmorage so extensive that the doctors told us he would never talk. I'm always telling Deion that I'm going to go back to those doctors and demand my money back. You can honestly never shut the child up!!! he has an opinion on everything and voices it loudly and often. but mostly he laughs about everything, and it's a real cheeky laugh too.

Despite his physical limitations, Deion goes to a mainstream school, is as bright as a button and has tons of friends. At the moment we are embroiled in a nice big fight with Lewisham Education about his secondary school transfer. They need some advice on what 'full inclusion' actually means.

But as many of you said in your e-mails, life with special needs kids often feels like a constant fight, if its not schools, it home adaptaions, transport or benefits. I have never quite got my head around why 'the powers that be' insist on making life more stressful than it already is...but hey, I stopped trying to apply logic to it all a long time ago.

I hope that I was able to answer your questions and my e-mail advice was helpful.

Several people were asking for more info on the dolphins, so I'll get back to you tomorrow with that.

Take care

Sal xxx

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