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Saturday, 11 October 2008

Hi, I'm Sally, i live in London with my husband and four children. My eldest son passed away after a long fight with a muscle wasting disease just over two years ago. My goal is to carry on in life in the way Aaron taught us. Aaron lived life to the full and had many lessons to teach us all about love, laughter and having our say. After Aaron passed away, i found myself at the computer for hours on end writing about our lives together, this was published exactly a year to the day of Aaron's passing, an accident, we think not!

I have started up a t-shirt company that gets Aaron's message across in other ways. We design and produce shirts with slogans especially for special needs children. The business has taken off and children all over the world are gaining confidence and loving their new t-shirts.

One of the many adventures that Aaron took us on, was swimming with wild dolphins in the Bahamas, it changed all of our lives and gave Aaron strength we cannot put into words. My dream is to get special needs children all over the world to experience the wonder of the dolphins for themselves. So I am also in the process of starting up a charity to do just that.

Life is very full, my youngest son is also a wheelchair user with a cheeky streak equal to none, I have two other children one approaching GCSE's the other sitting A levels and a husband who is a barrister, lecturer (and not just for a job) and a football fanatic.

We all want to get Aaron's message across. So spreading the world, selling the t-shirts, writing the books and get the charity up and running is the way to do that. That's enough for one person I think.

This is a blog, where I can talk about me, my children and the things that are important not only to us, but to many other families like us and similar to us.

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