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Thursday, 30 October 2008

Today, I thought I’d tell you what we have achieved so far in such a short space of time. The video and written blogs have been raising awareness, and lots of people are e-mailing to say they are finding them very helpful. One of our main aims was to be able to reach out to people in need, and that seems to be working, so we are very proud.

The T-shirt and book sales are up by over 40% which means we have been able to put more money towards the charity.

As well as the UK, we have got readers and viewers from the USA, Spain, Greece, India, Saudi Arabia, Belize, St Lucia, Grenada, Ghana and Gambia.

What would be really good, is if you felt like you could tell your stories too, tell others what you’ve been through and how you dealt with it and coped. It’s really therapeutic, I promise you.

It would be helpful to get other peoples takes on things, for me also. So far you’ve just heard my point of view and how we’ve coped as a family, but we all have different ways of doing things, there are no rules, no rights and wrongs, but if one thing you say helps someone else, then it will be worth it.

Also it would be very interesting to see how having special needs and disabilities affects people who live in other countries with regards to education, equipment, hospital care, physio care…. the list goes on.

So if you feel you are able to share you stories or experiences, then please e-mail, or comment here. It would be great to get a sort of support network going where we can all help each other and give advice on what we know, and get advice on what we still need to learn. You can comment anonymously if you like, so you don’t have to feel any pressure.

So please feel free, and be as honest as you like (I think!!!).

Look forward to hearing from you.

Sal & Trojan x

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