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Thursday, 23 October 2008

People ask me time and time again how I find the energy to do what I do. I'm often asked how I have the strength to fight over and over again just to get the things the boys need, the things the boys are entitled to.

Well, you've heard of extreme sports, what I do I guess is extreme parenting. I go after what my kids need and I don't stop until they get it. Some liken me to a German manned torpedo, personally I think 'cruise missile' sounds far nicer! But really I just prefer to look at it as standing up for my rights and the rights of my kids. Because if I don't, who else will?

And it is a fight. Sadly nothing is offered, even the most basic things like home adaptations, communication aids and much needed equipment don't come easily. You have to fight for it all. But I stopped being surprised about that a long time ago, if my boys need anything, I just pull on my big red gloves, ring the bell, ding ding ding, round one, two, three....whatever it takes.

You know, I think that half the time the powers that be just give me what I want to shut me up. But I refuse to be intimidated, I refuse to back down when I know we are in the right, I refuse to let someone sitting behind a desk, with no clue about our life dictate our future. And it's that same fighting/stubborn streak that Aaron inherited, the same one that meant he refused to give up and stick around longer than anyone ever thought was possible.

So I will continue to fight, for one thing, it says a lot about who I am, about the strength of character I want to pass on to my kids and it means my kids will want for nothing. And once I win one fight, I move right on to the next, passing on what I've learnt to other mums like me, who in turn pass it on to people they know. So slowly families are getting to know their rights, getting more for their kids and having more productive lives.

So it's the fight that gives me the energy, its the winning of those fights that continue to give me strength and a sense of achievement. So keep fighting, and once you start winning you have the strength and energy to do more and more. You can't let them win!!!

World domination...no problem.

See you soon

Sal x

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