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Sunday, 19 October 2008

As promised/threatened, Trojan and I got together again yesterday and recorded our second video blog. After the first one we thought we had it totally under control, we were going to be so much more organised. It was planned, we had our topic, we even had set questions. So it should have gone'd think!

Okay so rehearsing...bad idea! Because I already knew the question Trojan was about to ask me, he barely got the "So how does..." out, before I'd finished asking the question for him, told him what a good question it was (even though he''d actually never got to ask it) and answered the bloody thing while he sat there looking stunned.

So Trojan thought he could reign me in and threw in a couple of unplanned questions, "What about you Sally?" he asked when he was supposed to say "How do you find time for you Sally?" Ha, no such luck "What about me?" I said with a grin, and I think if Trojan could have slapped me and gotten away with it, he would have done.

The first take was over 25 minutes long though, we needed to cut it down considerably. So the next take we tried to fit in all the same stuff in a third of the time, which only meant you would have had to record it and play it at half speed to even understand us...and who knew it was possible to talk at six hundred words a minute?

So in the end, we took our picture off the screen, binned the questions, hit record and had a chat about how disability effects things like accessibility and education and how we I find time for myself and my marriage, and it was fine.

I think it has to be off the cuff to be natural, its the little mistakes that make us watchable we think, of course, you may disagree!

We feel that it will be a natural progression to become more polished (but not too much) with time. The opening sequence, as well as bringing a tear to my eye made a big difference, and I think helps you to get to know us more. Of course, I can't take credit for that or any of this, Trojans the brains behind it all, I just waffle on about me and my kids, he does all the technical stuff and even came up with the idea. So Blame him, not me!!!

Seriously though, it's been wonderful already, we've been able to reach out to lots of people and judging from your comments, given hope to lots of families too. Imagine what we can achieve in time!

So keep watching, keep sending e-mails and comments and we look forward to seeing you again soon.

Take care

Trojan and Sally xxx

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