Friday, 24 October 2008

One of my daughters friends e-mailed me last night to ask how she can help with fundraising. I was touched and very proud of her. I guess Trojan and I are getting something right, it's lovely to know that we are inspiring people to think of others. Although she may regret her kind offer in time...I fully intend to rope her right in now.

We have done alot of fund raising in the past. We started small with jumble sales, raffles and auctions, then we quickly progressed onto head shaving (not a good look for me),nor was it the right time of year...note to self...only shave head while residing in a tropical climate. We did some bungee jumping, which frightened the life out of my poor mum, and we reigned it in a bit with the occasional pub crawl...all in the name of a good cause of course, the hardships we endure. Next time though we'll rethink the St Trinians outfits.

There are tons of things other people can do to help, a friend of ours did a the great north run...madness if you ask me...I'd rather throw myself off of a crane from 300 feet up in the air attached to nothing more than a glorified elastic band...oh yeah, did that! In fact did it twice it was so much fun.

I have now decided to do a parachute jump, and I can't wait, my mum's not quite so happy about it though. She says I give her grey hairs, which is not entirely fair, my brothers and sisters have to take at least some of the responsibility on that one. Although, to be fair, I did promise no more bungee jumps...and as far as I'm concerned I'm keeping that diving...much better. Dave is desperately trying to find comprehensive life insurance that covers jumping out of a plane from 20,000 feet up...good luck with that one Dave. Even the kids questions on what will happen should my parachute fail to open, aren't putting me off.

We have lots of ideas for future fundraising events. Via the blogs and You Tube we aim to keep you posted, and of course the charity site will be up and running soon with all upcoming events listed. There are always things you can do to help, even if it's just spreading the word. We have been overwhelmed so far by the response and the compassion of others. We rope in family and friends all the time,and are eternally grateful for their unwavering support, but it is often the random act of kindness from a stranger that amazes us.

If you want to know of ways you can help, then please e-mail me. And I promise, I'm not expecting anyone else to jump out of airplanes or to get straight down the barbers for a number one. Unless you really want to that is. I bet I get inundated with people offering to do pub crawls though!!!

Take care

Sal x

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