Neatly folded in a heap on the bedroom floor...  

Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Can someone explain to me how this happens please….

There are five people living in this house, but surely it would take at least ten people to create this much ironing in the space of three days….I strongly suspect my children (especially my daughter) try on several outfits, leaving the discarded choices on the bedroom floor, when asked to tidy, they then place all items from floor, including clean, into laundry…its the only explanation.

Even more confusing, yesterday laundry baskets all completely empty, now today are overflowing, could not possible have worn ten outfits each overnight…

Perhaps it would not be so bad if my children (and by that I mean my husband too) think that the clothes didn’t magically appear in their closets all ironed and folded, maybe they think elves come in while we sleep and see to the piles of clothes left in heaps on the floor.

I'm sick of hearing "where's my pink jeans/blue shirt/black t-shirt e.t.c......?"

I'm sick of answering "where did you leave it?"

I'm sick of hearing "Dunno."

How can they not know....they leave it in the same place every time...THE BEDROOM FLOOR!!!

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7 comments: to “ Neatly folded in a heap on the bedroom floor...

  • ~Tom~
    1 April 2009 at 13:38  

    This is not just your house trust me. In my house the clean laundry goes from being folded and stacked all across the couch, leaving no place to sit, to being taken upstairs and tossed either on a chair, the bed or top of the dresser. Ultimately it all ends up on the floor. I have actually gone to put laundry into the washer and come across things still folded from the last time they were washed.

    Do you have this problem as well? I own at least 40 pairs of socks. I know they go into the laundry. When they come out, suddenly everyone else , except my daughter, is wearing my socks. They don't bother looking for theirs. They grab mine. Leaving me scrounging for socks that are at least similar in color. I now will scrounge every place I can, find all my socks, wash them in one load, dry them, and then hide them in a box in the basement! lol

  • RileyScott
    1 April 2009 at 14:36  

    You mean, it's not elves? Well then how else does that happen? Hehe *Runs and hides*

  • April
    1 April 2009 at 15:36!!! I SO know what you're talking about! I'm lucky that my fiance doesn't do this. But the five kids....And the girls trying on clothes and then instead of hanging up the one's they didn't choose, putting them in the dirty laundry...YES! I'm right there with you! My almost-7-year-old daughter and my 3 1/2 year old daughter are ALWAYS doing this! OR...they'll wear an outfit for about 2 hours (NOT enough time to get it dirty) and then decide they want to wear something different. *sigh* What's a mom to do?

    I know that, as far as my boys are concerned, I make them do their OWN laundry. :-D They have their own basket and when it's full, it's their job to get it cleaned, dried, hung up, folded, etc.

    The girls, though...I have no idea. I didn't do that when I was little. My solution for my youngest has been to put all of her clothes out of her reach...which isn't hard, since she's still pretty little. LOL

  • Dragon
    1 April 2009 at 19:34  

    LMAO, I so understand how you feel as far as the last part. I pick out shaun's clothes, I guarantee if it wasn't that way though, your scenerio would happen at my house. I am forever telling my son to get something (usually it is his shoes) and he will say just that, I don't know where they are, can you find them. "you put them somewhere last, how am I suppose to know where you put them?" How so many things would fall apart if it wasn't for us moms. :-D

  • Sally's World
    2 April 2009 at 12:28  

    LOL yes Tom, the folded clothes in the laundry basket...and its not like they can say they folded it themselves...they don't know how. Ah, the sock issue...i have the answer, i buy awful socks for myself, usually power ranger/thomas the tank engine ones...only deion will be seen in these and he can't get his own socks...sorted!'re in trouble, I'm telling your wife lol!!!

    my kids have the same 2 hour rule April, i thought i was sooo alone, how can something possibly get dirty in 2 hours while indoors!!! wait, soon you will not be allowed to pick'll do it all wrong, because, like, you're tooo OLD, and, like, have NO taste, and, like, have no idea what its like to be young and have to impress !!!!

    i have thought about striking, but feel that it would take about 2 weeks until everyone would be naked and the house so full of clothes, no one would be able to get in!!!

  • Cozyflier
    2 April 2009 at 19:14  

    I think Moms and Dads everywhere can relate! When we were having dinner at the neighbors 2 wks agos, they were talking about when their Mom busted her ankle and was laid up for 2 weeks. Their Dad had no idea that laundry could stack soooo HIGH so quickly!!!

    Thank the Lord, Kevin helps me when I'm under the weather!

  • MammaDucky
    2 April 2009 at 22:08  

    How young is too young to make kids do their own laundry? Starting at 4 would probably violate child labor laws huh?

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