Gone in 60 Seconds!!!  

Monday, 27 April 2009

I went over Trojans yesterday, and we decided to do a video blog…we’ve been following some stuff going on in the media, and of course the Rihanna and Chris Brown debacle…and it got us talking about people in the public eye, shouldn’t they be entitled to have a relationship without it being ripped apart by the media…

Trojan and I had somewhat different views… and to make matters worse, we decided it had to be short, so for some inexplicable reason set ourselves a sixty second time limit…I have absolutely no clue why we thought we could answer the question in 60 seconds, it just seemed like a good idea at the time.

Have a listen…its okay, we don’t come to blows…. well, not during filming!!!

Okay, so we see it differently, but as I said, with any job comes responsibility, if someone were to become a police officer or a teacher, it is accepted that they are going to be influencing children, therefore need to be responsible and set the right example…so in becoming rich an famous in an industry where you know young people will look upon you as a role model…you have a certain responsibility…

What you can’t see in the end shot there is me pulling on my boxing gloves…well, we had to have the debate…which roughly translates to ‘I need to go on and on until Trojan sees it my way!!!’ because, naturally, I couldn't possibly be wrong!!!

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