My son's a genius  

Saturday, 9 May 2009

I’m so proud!!! Deion went to bed last night, but he didn’t just waste his time daydreaming about computer games and his Christmas presents. He used his time productively to do maths sums. He was practicing his times tables and his adding up. What a genius.

How proud/smug I was when he announced that he ‘was doing maths sums mum!’ as I said goodnight on my way past his room. No way could I moan at him about still being awake now!

“What a good boy,” I said

“Yep!” I’ve figured out that in my life I’ve had approximately nine thousand seven hundred and forty two poops!!!”


I was speechless, unsure of what to say, I just said, “well done Deion, what good maths.”

He went on to tell me that he timed the number of times he goes with the days, weeks, years e.t.c. then continued to tell me that as I am always telling him he is above average, he added a couple extra…ingenious!

“Do you want me to work out how many times you’ve been mum?” he asked.

“No thanks,” I said weakly.

Well Robyn and Jordan heard, and were falling about laughing, and proceeded to help Deion work out how many times various family members have used the toilet.

Its all maths I guess, but sometimes that’s just too much information. Let’s just hope they don’t announce their results to their Grandma, that should be a fun announcement.

Take care

Sal xxx

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