Happy Anniversary  

Sunday, 17 May 2009

Well, today is our wedding anniversary, and although Dave and I have been together for 21 year (eek!) we have been married for 12 years today....
no jokes about life sentences/doing less time for murder...apart from the fact that it makes me feel old, I am stunned that the time has flown by so fast.
It has certainly been a roller coaster, we've been thrown some curve balls to say the least, but it has just made us stronger people.
And while I don't usually post pictures of myself..here is one of our wedding day, and a few of us over the years.

Not ones for convention, we already had 3 children by the time we got married, and as we stood at the altar, Aaron stood between us holding a hand each, this made it even more special!!!

Paris 2008

Florida 2003


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