Carers Allowance Shortfall!!!  

Saturday, 2 May 2009

There's been some coverage recently about how poorly carers are paid and treated, and its just getting worse...can anyone explain to me, how one of the most important jobs gets the least amount of respect???

This ridiculously small amount of money is supposed to make up for the fact that carers can't go out and earn a full time wage...but where on earth do the government think they will be without carers...they'd be forking out a damn site more money for full time nursing homes, nursing care and residential schools and homes.

Parents who want to keep their children home with them are punished, is it any wonder that single parents find it almost impossible to cope!

The recent increase in the minimum wage has left some carers several hundred pounds out of pocket, Money Box has learnt.

Any carer who works for 16 hours a week at the new minimum wage rate of £5.95 now earns £95.00.

This is above the £95.00 earnings threshold for Carer's Allowance and means they are no longer entitled to the weekly payment of £53.10.

And this revelation comes in the week the government launched a £33 million initiative to help carers.

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Its nothing short of devalues and demoralises! Something needs to be done NOW!

Please write to your local MP and demand that they take action.

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4 comments: to “ Carers Allowance Shortfall!!!

  • Justice Jonesie
    2 May 2009 at 14:35  

    You are right, they should get paid more. Just like teachers don't get paid enough.

  • Sally's World
    2 May 2009 at 16:15  

    yep, its the people who are shapping our kids and their futures that seem so underpaid, healthcare, childcare, teaching....ridiculous!

  • Elaine at Matters of the Heart)
    2 May 2009 at 16:59  

    This is just so devastating. Sometimes things are just so backwards. It is so true that the government would have to pay out so much more if people were not willing to do this.

  • Cozyflier
    4 May 2009 at 03:07  

    Sally,you are right. I'm trying to find someone to help care for my Mom. She of course is refusing all help thinking she can do all by herself.

    The trouble here in the states, is that people can't find someone that they can trust and afford! Privately hired people cost an extreme amount of money. The government does not want to pay for any of this!

    What are we to do???

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