Sunday, 9 November 2008

How do I keep my energy levels up some people are asking me?

How do I wind down after hectic days others ask?

Energy? That’s easy…chocolate, caffeine, sugar….no, I’m kidding, I know I talk about my bad eating habits, and I do have a sweet tooth. But I do make sure we all have a balanced diet. I suffer with IBS so avoid too much wheat and I don’t eat meat. I know a good diet is very important with regards to health and energy levels. I also drink herbal tea rather than have a lot of coffee.(Besides too much coffee and I am literaly bouncing off the walls).

For me, I believe that the more you do, the more energy you have. If you sit down and do nothing, you get tired, but if you keep moving, get up and do something, you’ll find your energy increases. Play music, dance around the house, whatever, just do something. I know most people can relate, if you have twenty things to do, you get them done, if you only have two or three, something gets missed. It’s all about the get up and go.

To wind down, I use yoga…it’s saved my life countless times. Yes, my days (and nights) are hectic to say the least, and I do have insomnia as you all know. But by spending 20 minutes doing yoga each night, I do get in a relaxed state. It’s easy to meditate after a yoga session and even if sometimes I don’t get to sleep, yoga…brilliant substitute for me. Otherwise I look a tad scary in the mornings....

When we go to Bimini and Wildquest, there are daily yoga sessions, its all part of the healing nature of the dolphin weeks. The kids are great at it, and Aaron was often found tying himself in knots and wrapping his legs around his head whilst in his wheelchair (I kid you not!).

If you want to try it, there are some great on-line videos and stuff, so it’s easy to see if it will fit with you.


Sally xxx

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