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Monday, 10 November 2008

When Trojan opened the front door to me yesterday, I noticed that his skin looked suspiciously smooth. He insisted that he’d done nothing more than have a shave, yet it looked a little more like he’d had a facial to me…mmmm!

I felt a little insecure then, I had intended, as I do every week for the video blog, to brush my hair, slap on a bit of lipstick and make myself look half presentable. As usual, by the time I’d sorted out the kids, the cooking, washing and ironing of uniforms, answered e-mails and restored some sort of order to the house, I didn’t have time to even locate my hairbrush, let alone use it.

I can’t help feeling that it’s so much easier for men!

Well, Trojan is a few years younger than me; I guess I can’t resent his youthful complexion… I’m not bitter…honest!

Anyway, I digress,

We did the second radio blog, we spoke about what’s been going on this week, about Barack Obama being elected into the white house and what it means to us, what we feel it means to this country also. Of course, it wasn’t going to go completely smoothly, we knew that as I accidently introduced myself during the music intro.

And it wasn’t until we listened back an hour or so later that we realised we didn’t shut off the live feed and we can be heard chatting away about the blogs and various other things…thank goodness we weren’t saying anything derogatory about anyone…and we weren’t using bad language (which makes a change for us…...kidding!)

We also did our fourth video blog, a brief version of the radio blog if you like, this went well, we are getting quite good at these now, no nerves, it’s just like we’re sitting having a chat.

We did try something new, and that was a brief advert for the t-shirts, I looked a bit too serious…but I’ll expect QVC to be recruiting Trojan any time now. We had a couple of bloopers, and we left one in because it made us laugh so much and kind of depicts what we are all about, not perfection (if only) but fun and getting a message out there.

So please log on to the video and radio blogs, as usual all comments are greatly appreciated.

We’ll be back….If you want Trojans autograph, please send and SAE to……

Trojan and Sal xxx

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