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Saturday, 1 November 2008

We’ve been getting such a positive reaction from the video and written blogs, that Trojan has had another great idea…he’s on fire at the moment. He’s a one man marketing/advertising/promotions team!

So now we are adding radio blogs into the mix. This means we’ll be able to have more in-depth chats about the issues that the blogs are raising for all of you and hopefully we’ll be able to help more people and give more advice.

We got together yesterday and had a practice run, it was a lot of fun, although I don’t think it actually make much sense. I introduced the show, introduced Trojan and we proceeded to have a chat about everything from amateur dramatics to how Trojans ears pop when he’s on an airplane. That’s if you could make anything out amongst our laughter and the kids playing in the background.

As you know from the video blogs, Trojan is quite expressive with his hands, and the fact that he had his phone in his hand while he was talking only meant I had to practically leap around the room to talk into it. Of course afterwards, he told me it was on loudspeaker and would have picked my voice up anyway, but I’m not all that good at this stuff, so I didn’t know that.

Afterward we listened back to it and laughed even harder, I, apparently say ‘really, yes’ or ‘absolutely’ every ten seconds when someone else is talking…why has no-one ever pointed this out to me and told me how annoying it is? I also realised how fast I talk and how I get louder and louder the more animated I get.

Then we listened to a couple of other pre recorded shows from more experienced broadcasters, and Trojan got quite cross with me because I didn’t introduce him as ‘my fabulous co-host’ like the other broadcaster did. For this I apologise…you are totally fabulous Trojan.

So on Sunday we will be broadcasting our first live radio show at 5pm, you can go to the link on the blog page to listen in. And all joking aside, it is a very serious topic we’ve chosen to talk about a topic inspired by the e-mails we’ve been receiving in reaction to the blogs. It is about how disabled children are viewed by family, the education system, the health system, society and the government. So the title of this show will be “Disabled Children Precious Gift or Extra Burden.” we know its controversial, but we also know its important not to shy away from the issues just in case people find them uncomfortable.

We hope you join us and give us your views, it is important to get lots of people points of views on the issues, not just our own. So we’ll sign in and see where it takes us.

We will be recording another short video blog too, we’ve decided not to choose a subject, and to be spontaneous…oh goody!

See you Sunday

Sal & Trojan xxx

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