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Sunday, 16 November 2008

Just a quick reminder to say don’t forget to tune in to our live radio show 5.30pm tonight. We are going to be talking about the issues surrounding being a full time mum and carer. There are so many issues on this subject that effect how we feel about ourselves and what we do, and what we feel we contribute to society and the family unit. You can phone in and have your say, agree, disagree, whatever you want, as always, we love getting your views too.

We will ask why it is predominantly women who end up filling this role? Is this another outdated tradition, or is it the way it should be? We will explore how we end up where we do in general, is it by spoken agreement, it is just presumed, has it just ended up that way? Who is it that decided these things? Has maternal instinct got a lot to answer for? And even if we chose it, are we happy where we are, can caring alone be fulfilling? What message are we sending our children? How do we feel about the stereotypes society has about our role in general?

Big breath!

So we will explore as many of these issues and feelings as we can.

Please also log on later tonight or tomorrow and see what we managed to produce in the way of video blogs, we’ll try to stick with the same subjects to a certain degree, and if we have time (if Trojan has time I should say) we’ll record another video advertisement, the last one was very popular, maybe I’ll try to tip Trojan off his chair or something, because everyone seemed to love the blooper…I’ll see what I can do.

See you later

Sal & Trojan xxx

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