Salsa Night!  

Thursday, 13 November 2008

Well, as usual Trojan and I had a great time at salsa last night….we had our first dip finish…..and no…I didn’t end up on the floor as I thought I might. Although Trojan was a little over zealous and may have sprained his back a little while trying to get the big finish. Most men in the class were a little more conservative and just did a small dip, but that’s just not Trojans way!

It was brilliant, and we kept up and are amazed at just how quickly the routines are becoming easier. The steps are second nature now and I’m playing salsa music and dancing around the house more and more.

The kids just roll their eyes at me, but Dave doesn’t seem to mind…funny that, Dave not minding as I shimmy around the house wiggling my hips!

But one of the best things, was after I had completed an assault course of cooking and cleaning to enable my escape, Deion asked me if I wanted a quick game of blackjack, and Robyn said ‘no, mummy’s got salsa tonight.’

So Wednesdays are fully established salsa nights for mummy.

Livin la vida loca….well, sort of!

Sal xxxx

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