Bottomless Pit!  

Thursday, 6 November 2008

Please tell me you can relate. How come, when my handbag is only about eight inches tall by ten inches long, can it hold so much stuff? It must weight 20 pounds. I was in a shop earlier, opened my bag to pay for a book of stamps, and could I find my purse…nope! I did however find a small remote control car, my daughters reading book, a hairbrush (my daughters also), a selection of scrunchies, a box of colouring pencils and a tin of cat food.

It was getting slightly embarrassing, then…“There it is!” said the hopeful shop keeper…sadly not. “No,” I said showing him the empty purse that is merely my spare…well; you never know when you’ll need a spare purse right?

I had to leave the shop minus the stamps as I had no idea where my purse was…it was only on getting home, opening the freezer to take out something for dinner that I discovered its whereabouts.

Okay, so I get how it happened, my purse was in my hand...I was putting the shopping away…and if it was the first time, fair enough, but it happens on a disturbingly regular basis…not exactly this, I’ve been known to find my purse in the bin, the washing machine and the kids’ toy box also….

Maybe this happens to all women all the time, maybe handbags should be banned, men manage. That’s it, a wallet is it for me from now on…only then, where would I put the small photo album, my phone, my reading book, purse, notepad, pens, hairbrush, lip salve, personal alarm, cork screw, defuzzer, tape measure, tissues…how on earth do men cope without a handbag????

Oh well

Sal xxx

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