Strictly mad!  

Monday, 17 November 2008

Good morning!

Now, it is very important in life not to take yourself too seriously, it is essential to be able to laugh at yourself. Although whether that is supposed to be taken as literally as we did yesterday, I’m not sure.

After we finished our radio blog we felt we needed to lighten the mood, and despite the lack of space and not having any high heels (me not Trojan) we decided to practice some of our salsa moves…it was a lot of fun, so we videoed it and thought we’d show you how we’re doing. The pressure got to us a bit, we now fully understand the nerves the celebs suffer with on Strictly come dancing, the pressures huge…and not having an instructor shout out the moves and thirty other people doing them simultaneously made it harder than the class. But we laughed, the camera man cried…I think with laughter! and we thought we’d let you see.

As I say, normally we ask for feedback and your opinion, we take that back for this particular video blog…no, I’m kidding, please feel free to let us know what you think. It’s had quite a few views already, so we’ll be expecting that phone call from a big LA based dance agency any day now!!!


Trojan and Sally xxxxxxxx

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