Round one to Deion!  

Friday, 7 November 2008

Forgive me if I slip into unconsciousness while writing this…but I almost passed out with the news that something may have been accomplished with regards to Deion’s secondary transfer.

The head teacher of our chosen school got in touch today to tell me that the change order for the special bathrooms, hoist and changing bed has been agreed. I want to take a moment to thank him and his staff for their support in this matter also!


I would have loved to hear it straight from education, especially as I spend about seven hours a day talking to them, I currently have more quality time with them than I do my husband at the moment. They must have known when I was on the phone to them yesterday!

Anyway, it’s been agreed, which is all that matters. The work will be carried out, and Deion will have everything in place with regards to toileting facilities in his new school.

I am quite relieved, I know its just one round of many…but it’s the biggest one in my opinion.

And all I had to do was go down to the education department and threaten to rip someone’s arms off…no, that’s a joke…I’m kidding, honestly, I am not prone to bouts of violence ever/hardly ever/only when seriously provoked…and only when its someone trying to deny the kids something. Treat me however you want…I couldn’t care less, but don’t treat my children badly, because I’m a tad, just a TAD! Overprotective!

Right, now all I need to do is sort out hours and level of support, hygiene staff, transport, physio care, occupational therapy, a scribe, equipment supply…. world peace, global warming!

I’m sure we’ll get there…eventually.

Grinning to the point of gloating.

Sal x

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