The Secondary Transfer Saga…part seventy eight!  

Thursday, 6 November 2008

For those of you who don’t know how the system works (ha!...sorry, is supposed to work!); special needs children have educational statements, usually about a ten page document, that details their personal, physical and educational needs and it also determines the amount of money that goes with them to their school.

So of course, schools want the statements as detailed as possible so they get the required money to care for a child’s needs, and the education department want them as vague as possible so they don’t have to spend as much money on the child. This may sound harsh, but in my experience, it is also pretty accurate.

Deion’s ‘proposed amended statement’ for secondary transfer came in the post yesterday afternoon. And I was dismayed to say the least, that under ‘parental advice, input’ in the statement, it stated “no advice given.”

This is despite the fact that I made a ridiculously detailed (to the point of obsessional) care plan, which was colour coded, alphabetised and even contained photos of Deion being transferred in and out of his equipment… maybe I should have added the detailed video footage of the standing transfers after all!!!

It’s amazing. I spent hours doing this and made it so simple to follow, I would fully expect a four year old to go through it and be able to complete most aspects of Deion’s care without having to ask me a single thing.

It seems to have got lost…again, despite the fact that the first one was sent recorded delivery and the second one was hand delivered.

So, needless to say, not all the things that needed to be in the statement were in there. Luckily Deion’s primary school were their usual thorough and supportive selves and completed lots of info too…this was included.

This just makes me feel that professionals are listened to, doctors, consultants, physios, teachers, care assistants…no problem. But as I am just a mum!!! I guess they think I am not the person most qualified in every single way, about every single thing regarding Deion to give them advice…mmmm!

So after about thirty phone calls, it has now been decided that I will need to complete a care plan….give me strength, I explained I had done this TWICE! But to no avail, so I’ve been up half the night copying and reorganising another folder to simplify things for people who should know better.

Although they were also kind enough to inform me that home/school transport is no longer on the statements, this is something we have to appeal for later…”but not just you…all kids,” she said…”oh goody,” I replied, “us parents don’t have enough to do already, so if there’s something else you can leave off, and leave us to fight for at a later date…just to give us something to do in our quiet boring, easy going lives, then just let me know….”

And I’m sure they will think of a few things.

And briefly to the mum who e-mailed me yesterday… ‘NO! A school can not say no to a child based on physical disability alone.’ Send me more info if you like and I’ll help you look into it. But I think you know me well enough by now to know that I, for one wouldn’t take ‘no’ for an answer.

Take care, keep fighting, and let me know if I can help…

Sal xxx

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