Heart Lessons  

Friday, 28 November 2008

Someone sent me this beautiful poem written by a lady called Brenda Conley, I wanted to share it with you.

“Heart Lessons”

When you look at my child
What do you see?
A child with limitations
Or disabilities?

When you look at my child
With his smile to behold
Will you find, as I do
His heart of gold?

When I look upon my child
With all his special needs
I look beyond the veil
That you might see

When you look at my child
Does your heart understand?
Or do you… simply look away
Without any… compassion at hand?

God makes no mistakes in this life
Everything… is for a reason
We can either open up our hearts and learn
Finding the sweetest of His blessings

When I look… upon my child
I see a heart filled with love
Kindness for all that he may meet
With a manner so gentle and mild
His beautiful smile to greet

When you look at my child… today
Will you just turn and walk away?
Never realizing what the moment
Could have held for you this day

When I look… upon my child
The Lord teaches me even more
Than He did just the day before
Showing me another blessing
An important chapter of this life
I like to call“Heart Lessons”

Brenda Conley © 2006

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