Oblivious, or Ignorant?  

Wednesday, 5 November 2008

My day so far has led me to question whether we are a nation of people who are so self absorbed in our own lives, that we don’t stop and give a second thought to what someone else may be going through. Or is it that we realise the difficulties, but we just choose to ignore them.

Deion had a hospital appointment this morning, and the sheer amount of doors that got slammed in our faces, and the number of people walking in front of us had me looking down at us both and questioning whether we were actually invisible.

Then I had to go to Tesco’s to do some food shopping, there was a lady selling the big issue outside, I said hi and told her she could have my trolley pound on the way out, my usual small contribution. But as usual I was surprised at the number of people who not only ignored her, but shot her a look as if she was something they scraped off their shoe. Not like she was someone, down on their luck and trying to do something to help themselves at all.

Inside the entrance was a blind man and his dog with a collection box. I had some change in my pocket, and heard it hit the plastic at the bottom as it went in. On the way out, after an hour and ten minutes in the store, I put my newly acquired change in his collection box…and I was surprised that I still heard it hit the plastic. “How long have you been here?” I asked him. “Three hours,” he said. “and how many people have put change in your box?” I said. “Four,” he answered.

This is surprising isn’t it, that a man can stand collecting for people who are missing, in my opinion, one of the most precious things of all, their sight, and no-one stops to put their small change in the collection box. Surely, it’s just a few sweets, or half a pint down the pub even, but still hardly anyone bothered.

Are we not able to see that we can do some good, is it possible that we care so little of the plight of others that we cannot spare a few pence, or a pound to help. Then of course, if you can’t spare the change, holding a door open costs nothing!!!

Of the thousands and thousands of pounds that got spent in Tesco’s yesterday, a few pounds for a good cause doesn’t seem so much to ask does it?

Maybe I’m feeling a little emotional in my weakened post viral state, maybe I’m sick of people nicking all the disabled parking spaces, slamming doors in Deion’s face or ignoring any person who needs help. Whatever it is, it has really got to me today.

Take care, think of the needs of others and be generous when you can.

Sal xxx

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