Hospital visit.  

Tuesday, 11 November 2008

I may be neglecting the blogs a little later on this week. Deion has to go into hospital on Friday for some investigations. He developed a squint last year that the ophthalmologist repaired. But he’s also been having a bit of trouble chewing and swallowing for the last few months. And for a foodie like Deion…that’s a big disaster. So the doctors need to find out why it’s happening and if the two things are linked.

We have a couple of build up appointments, then, like I say he actually gets admitted on Friday. I will keep you posted on what goes on. I’m sure he’ll be brave, I panic a little about theses things, no matter how many times you have to do it…leaving your child in that anaesthetic room is heart wrenching. But Deion’s a total star always! Of course I have to bribe him with large quantities of his favourite things, and a DS game may be involved…

Oh yes, bribery, I’m not above it at all. Before I had kids I was very much a believer that children would behave and do well, be motivated, just because I told them so…how sadly disillusioned I was.

Of course operations are different, its only natural to spoil a child who’s in hospital…best get back to the re-mortgage forms…I think Deion’s made a rather large list this time!!!

I’ll still be blogging when I get time.

Keep well

Sal and Deion xxx

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