Drinking and Driving.  

Friday, 14 November 2008

Well, they let us home from the hospital today, I’m a little concerned that is was more to do with the fact that Deion was constantly demanding food and chatting the ears off the nurses than that he was actually alert enough from the anaesthetic to come home.

I was up late last night packing his bag…and don’t think I’m talking about pyjamas, reading books and slippers, I’m talking about chicken drumsticks, Doritos, chocolate chip cookies, Haribo and a Satsuma…the Satsuma was for me.

Sadly, I underestimated, and in the last four hours, he still needed two hospital meals, one of the nurses lunches and a constant supply of drinks…with chipped ice if you don’t mind, not the cubed kind!

I’m not sure he was totally ‘with it’ as we left the ward and he drove his chair down to the car park. After taking out a potted plant, a chair and a doctor, I realised, he might not be fit to drive after all.

Is driving a wheelchair under the influence the same thing as drink driving, I’m not sure. It may seem less dangerous, but if you’ve ever been run over by an electric wheelchair, you know it’s no joke!

But in all seriousness, Deion was a star, he hated the starving part, but he was great when they do the blood tests and put the drip in and stuff. He had a muscle biopsy, a lumbar puncture, and an arterial blood test. All went well, and apart from feeling a bit sore, he is fine. He’s gone to bed now and I expect he’ll be using his sore back as shamelessly as he can, and we’ll all be charging around catering to his every need all weekend.

I also had to explain to Jordan, Robyn and Dave that Deion was not halucinating, as they presumed on hearing about it. And we did actually see a storm trooper in the lift at the hospital. It was a little surreal, I got a fit of the giggles, and the stormtrooper looked at me as if to say 'grow up' which made it worse. But he didn't shoot me!!! so that was okay!

We’ll be getting the test results in a week or two, so fingers crossed for good news.

And I just want to thank everyone for your messages of support. Family and friends obviously texted, phone, e-mailed and sent their love. But we also had many good luck messages from people who only know us through the blogs. So thank you, we are touched and everyone’s messages of support were much appreciated.

I need to go and get some rest now, Deion’s going to have me on my toes tomorrow.

Take care

Sally and Deion (Demon Driver) xxx

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