Pythagoras who?  

Tuesday, 25 November 2008

Do we get less intelligent as we get older…or are kids just getting more intelligent?

Is it normal to be made to feel completely stupid by trying to help a fourteen year old with their homework?

I was bright at school, I passed all my exams, I consider myself and intelligent woman, I’ve read books on quantum physics and am smack bang in the middle of a psychology degree for goodness sakes.

So why when Robyn asked me to help her with her homework just now, did I end up chewing my lip and asking my fifteen year old to help her instead, because I couldn’t for the life of me remember Pythagoras’s theorem? I made a feeble excuse about having to get the washing on/washing up done/needing the loo (I hope they didn’t notice I was just making excuses!)

Of course Jordan made me feel much better by announcing that I couldn’t possibly be expected to remember something that I had learnt soooo long ago…thanks for that J.

Apparently losing brain cells even as we speak,

Sal xxxx

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