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Tuesday, 4 November 2008

Hi everyone, I just wanted to thank and acknowledge everyone who has listened to and given us positive feedback on the radio blog.

As with the video and written blogs, Trojan worked very hard at getting this off the ground. The visuals and all the technical stuff is down to Trojan, I just show up and chat for a few minutes, or write something down and hit a button, Trojan does the rest. As you can see here in this incriminating evidence...Trojan working hard, and me with a cup of tea in my hand!!! oops!

We did have a few minor technical issues with the show, (it was our first one after all) we got cut off a couple of times, but we were very proud of what we ended up with. So if you click on to listen, just persevere with it and I promise we do come back to you fairly soon.

You can tell we get more and more comfortable as we got into it and we managed to cover quite a lot of stuff, mainly how many things, like education, attitude and family life is affected by disability. I will admit, I committed my usual sin of jumping into the middle of some of Trojans comments or questions, and I have to give him credit for not giving me a swift kick to the shins…he could have got away with it on the radio too!

Our aim is for anyone who is interested in the issues to be able to listen while going about their daily lives, become regular listeners and to contribute their own views. We are very interested in hearing your comments and your point of view so please get in touch and let us know what you think.

Take care

Trojan and Sally xxx

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