Sunday, 14 June 2009


Okay, I DO NOT, I repeat DO NOT have breast cancer... I think I knew deep down that it was just a scare (easy to say now LOL).

I cannot tell you the sense of relief!!!!

I had a good long chat with the docs about treatment for the lump, and the nurse was incredibly helpful. I have declined the drugs for now, as the nurse had lots of great advice on what to do, what to cut out e.t.c so even though it means giving up on chocolate (gasp) and coffee (and red wine!!!) I'd still rather try that first. If that doesn't work, I'll take the drugs.

I have about a million leaflets to look through, all ways of reducing breast pain, and only if it gets too painful will I ask them to step in and do anything about it. Its not vanity, I'm not worried about scars, its more that I don't want to go through a surgery unless I really have to.

I just want to say thank you to everyone for your unwaivering support, you really helped me stay strong and not totally lose the plot.....

Love to you all

Sal xxxxxx

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