Women Drivers!  

Saturday, 7 February 2009

Now I hate the term 'women drivers' its an outdated, sexist term that has no place in these days of total equality (ha!...if only!) I, for one, know I'm a good driver, not with a supermarket trolley perhaps, but in a car I am....yet news stories like this that make me wonder??? (Gasp! Did I really say that?)

Woman Fails Driving Test 771 Times

An elderly woman in South Korea has failed her driving test a staggering 771 times, according to police.

The 68 year old has apparently told the local media she has no intention of giving up.

'Cha' who lives in the southwestern city of Jeonju, has taken the test almost every working day since 2005.

She failed it again this week, setting a new record for the country.

The Korea Times said the woman, identified only by her last name Cha, plans to make another attempt.

Her problem is that she cannot pass the written section of the test.

The pass mark is 60 out of 100 but she only averages 30-50.

Cha sells food and household items at apartment complexes, carrying the items in a handcart.

She says getting a driving licence would enable her to buy a car and expand the business.

Police estimate she has spent almost £2,500 taking the written tests in addition to other expenses.

"I feel sorry every time I see Cha fail," one officer said. "If she ever passes, I'll make a commemorative tablet and give it to her."

You have to admire her gumption! So my question is, if by failing the last time set a new record...was there someone else that failed 770 times?

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