It Gets Worse!  

Sunday, 15 February 2009

It gets worse; it wasn’t bad enough that a fifteen year old girl has had a baby, and shockingly named a thirteen year old as the father. Horrifying to say the least.

But that wasn’t the half of it it seems, two more boys have now come forward claiming that they could be the father of this baby. Now DNA tests are being demanded all round.

Oh, that’s still not the worst of it….believe it or not…there are reports saying that this fifteen year old girls’s parents would actually allow her boyfriends’ to sleep over in her bedroom.

What chance did these kids have? With no-one to teach them morals, values, about the sanctity of their bodies, how was this ever going to turn out well.

Apparently this child has also been taking the contraceptive pill since she was thirteen…what parent would sanctify this?

Allowing this is no less than child abuse in my eyes, to actually encourage a child to have sex at such a young age is disgusting.

And now they are all being rewarded with publicity and attention, what happens when the media circus gets bored and moves on to the next story, is anyone going to be interested then? Is this baby and the parents (also babies) going to be flagged up to social services?

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Its very sad!

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