David Beckham Eat Your Heart Out!  

Friday, 20 February 2009

Deion had a physiotherapy session yesterday afternoon. Deion’s physiotherapist is a lovely guy, who is always thinking of ways to make Deion’s exercises less of a chore and more fun for him.

His latest idea is Deion’s favourite one yet!

Deion goes in the standing hoist sling which you can see here, we then raise it up off the floor until he is almost upright. Just high enough so that he has to take some of his own weight and hold himself upright.

And then we give him a football.

Deion loves it, he’s very proud of his ball skills and he has no idea that while he's playing, he’s using his trunk muscles to stay upright, all of his leg muscles to take his weight and control the ball and even his neck muscles, arm and shoulder muscles to give him momentum. He gets a really good stretch of the hamstrings and his ankle muscles are working and stretching hard too.

He plays until his little legs are literally shaking with the effort bless his heart, but he’s certainly building some strong muscle’s in those calves and thighs. I'm so very proud of his determination and all his hard work.

We videoed this for him and he is proudly showing it to everyone.

He’s ready to sign for Arsenal now!

Sally & Deion


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2 comments: to “ David Beckham Eat Your Heart Out!

  • Niksmom
    20 February 2009 at 12:25  

    Way to go, Deion! Fantastic work and fun, too. I'm trying to get my Nik interested in this, too.

  • Sally's World
    20 February 2009 at 15:32  

    It does make a huge difference, getting a good physio means the difference to Deion getting upset and dreading it, to him actually looking forward to it, they have good banter too, and tease each other about their favourite football teams e.t.c. I hope this one sticks around, I don't know how it works with you, but our physios change around alot, it makes it harder for the kids I think.

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