How dare they suggest disability is scary!  

Tuesday, 24 February 2009

I’ve heard it all now, I already knew that there were many ignorant people out there, but this takes the biscuit.

On Cbeebies there is a new presenter, she’s a pretty girl, bubbly, good at her job, but dare I say it…she has a disability, she only has one hand. I have to say, I didn’t even notice at first, and I expect most kids didn’t…but parents actually started making complaints, hundreds of them flooded in apparently.

What a joke!

Some insensitive 'idiot' (for want of a better word) actually said…
"Is it just me, or does anyone else think the new woman presenter on Cbeebies (Cerrie Burnell) may scare the kids because of her disability?

"I didn't want to let my children watch the filler bits on the bedtime hour last night because I know it would have played on my eldest daughter's mind and possibly caused sleep problems... and yes, this is a serious post."

Amazing! and, it wasn't just him!

I truly cannot believe that so many people would discriminate so freely, perhaps if he was more sensitive, his kids would be too. Kids really don’t care about disabilities, until they are taught to do so, they may be curious, which is natural, but scared…I doubt it very much???

Other people accused the BBC of employing her to score points, actually accused the BBC of positive discrimination can someone explain this term to me please?

Cerrie Burnell rose above it, and even though she was said to be disappointed by the criticism she still welcomed the discussion…

"It can only be a good thing that parents are using me as a chance to talk disability with their children," she said.

"It just goes to show how important it is to have positive disabled role models on CBeebies and television in general."

Good for her.

This young lady has a child herself, is her child going to grow up frightened…NO! Because her child will be brought up in a household where differences make no difference to what a person can achieve.

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