Gothic Kittens!  

Wednesday, 11 February 2009

OMG! My daughter (a total animal lover) showed me this and I couldn’t believe it. How can this woman possibly liken piercing a kitten to piercing a human….now I am not against piercings, I have a nose stud, a belly bar and my tongue pierced (my sister in law is a body piercer so I was target practice), but it was my choice. When my daughter wanted her ears pierced, I waited until she asked. She was about seven I think!

I don’t suspect for a second any of this woman’s kittens wandered up to her and asked her to shove a couple of 14-gauge needles through their ears. Does this woman really think these cats are concerned about accessorising…good greif!

My daughter thought it would be nice to stick a few needles in this self claimed cat lover! (HA!) to see how she likes it.

The things people will do for money!

A woman from Pennsylvania who marketed "gothic kittens" with ear, neck and tail-piercings on the internet has defended her actions.

Holly Crawford said the kittens were well looked after

Holly Crawford was charged with animal cruelty after her home was raided following a tip off from animal rights group Peta.

"When I did it, it wasn't with any cruel intentions," she said. "They were definitely loved, well-fed, no fleas, clipped nails, and very happy."

Police also charged a man who helped her take calls about the kittens, which were being sold online for hundreds of dollars.

The cats were given 14-gauge piercings through their ears, submission rings in their necks and one kitten's tail was docked.

Ms Crawford said she did not see any difference between piercing a cat and piercing a human being.

She says she used sterile needles to pierce the animals and made sure they healed properly.

The vice-president of Peta, Daphna Nachminovitch, described Ms Crawford's actions as 'barbaric'.

"There's no excuse for inflicting such pain on an animal that's the size of your palm," she said.

Ms Crawford says her dog grooming business is now in serious trouble and she has received dozens of abusive phone calls.

"My name's ruined, my reputation's ruined and my business is ruined," she said.

Are we supposed to feel sorry for her???

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1 comments: to “ Gothic Kittens!

  • RileyScott
    11 February 2009 at 14:42  

    I never understood what made PEOPLE put earrings that size in there ears, let alone a kitten. Cat's depend on their ears for balance, and early warning of predators and other dangers. Folding them over permanently has got to be disorientating and painful for the poor kittens

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