Disabled Parking zone.....  

Friday, 13 February 2009

Disabled parking spaces are great…..

Unless of course your specially adapted disabled vehicle looks like a big van…not through choice or anything, just because you need a bloody great electric wheelchair lift on the back to allow your child to get in it.

Its a necessity that we have spaces that are specially for those who need to be close to certain facilities, but god forbid, your vehicle looks like a van, god forbid we expect the camera/traffic warden/police officer to actually check and see if there’s a badge or it's actually registered disabled before sending you a ticket through the post.

I received yet another parking ticket yesterday. I apparently parked on a red route, in a disabled only parking bay…helloooo.

Honestly, I get seven or eight parking fines a year. All because these wonderful cameras we have dotted about London capture pictures of anyone who dares drive into a parking space. Of course, to the camera, the vehicle may look like an ordinary van. But the fact that the letters are addressed to me care of Motability (UK suppliers of disabled vehicles for those who don’t know) would give them a clue I should think.

This takes up more time and energy than I have to spare and quite frankly I'm sick of it!

This must happen to loads of people! And its just adding stress to already stressed lives....

Just venting!!!

Sal xxx

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