Sally's World Visits Trojans Corner  

Monday, 23 February 2009

More like, Sally's World harasses/heckles/terrorises Trojans Corner!

As most of you know, Trojan
( is the one that got me into blogging. You probably also know that we do video blogging as well.

A while ago, Trojan put me on the spot and fired 20 questions at me, giving me no time to prepare and give suitable/sophisticated was very funny, but I really wanted to change my answers afterwards!!!

Well I got my own back, Trojan has now been put under the same pressure and truly appreciates the difficulties of coming up with decent answers so quickly.

I was as mean as he was, and wouldn't let him change his answers either, although we are still waiting for one answer Trojan. He was obviously worried about getting himself in trouble like I did !!!!

Actually, I think he did well,his Mum and I managed to put him off a few times, but overall, he managed to ignore us, and thats not easy.

Here is the video blog from when Trojan asked me all the same questions...oh dear!

Sal & Trojan

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